Kingman AZ Real Estate ~ Through My Eyes

Kingman AZ Real Estate ~ Through My Eyes

I work as hard as I can, as fast as I can for my clients. I don’t take time to worry about what the news says about Real Estate in General, and as we all know, Kingman is different than anywhere else..basically an Island of its own.... So when I saw an email headline from the National Association of Realtors today saying “Home Sales are Currently at a 30 Year Low”.. well that made me feel better.

My sales went from 64 transactions in 2022, to 34 in 2023 (that‘s still a very respectable year for most) but a difference of 3.5 million in sales. By November of 2023 I was snail slow.. but in my business, being slow means I work just as hard or harder. I’ve been telling sellers for about a year now that we’re looking at 3 to 6 months on the market to sell their homes, even though it drives me crazy.. my mind works like this: Every day on the market without an offer or even a showing ~ “What am I doing wrong” “What More can I do” “Should I paint the house” “Where else can I advertise” “Should I have an open house...although I’ve never found one buyer in 20 years of doing open houses in Kingman” “Should I go to Karaoke Night and Sing About It”.. “Maybe I’ll go to the Highest Mountain and Shout It Out” I’m always looking for ways to attract buyers!!!

No matter what's happening in the world or why, the fact is "The Real Estate Market is Cyclical, it Goes Up and it Goes Down".

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